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  Water Towers -Tanks - Hotels Chemical plants - High Rises - Structural Steel
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Tank Farms

Thermal Painting - Fire Retardant Painting -

We are Fire Proof Painting  & Thermal Coatings Applicators. at
California Industrial Painting Company

Radio - Cell Towers   Logos  - Water Towers

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Our experienced painters are ready to work in any environment. Professionalism and job safety are practiced regularly by all of our works in order to deliver quality service. A professional painting contractor must have experience with commercial and industrial environments. Avoiding any likelihood of danger and risk by following proper safety procedures is key to successfully completing any commercial or industrial painting project. As California Industrial Painting & California Commercial Painting Professionals.


Dustless Sand Blasting     No Dust 

Industrial Sand Blasting / Commercial Sand Blasting / Soda Blasting / Glass Bead Blasting

Tanks - Water Towers - Structural Steel -
 Brick & Cement Structures

California Baking Soda  Blasting - Water - Blast Potassium -
 Sulfate Blasting Sand Blasting Ground Corn Cobs  Blasting Walnut Shells Blasting Black Beauty -
 Coal Slag Glass Beads Blasting


We specialize in:

  • Water Towers - Industrial Tanks & Logos - High Rise Buildings
  • Chemical Plants  - Factories - Office Structures - Theme Parks
  • Custom Cars - Light Poles  - Radio Towers 800+ ft
  • Smoke Stacks - Structural Steel - Industrial Pipes - Silos
  • Vinyl Wall Covering - Lead Base Paint Encapsulation
  • Large Crews  24/7

          Paint anywhere is the USA, including Hawaii!



 Pat -1 - 877-749-5554   

 Call Robert 208-371-7757 Estimation Division or